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The Copyediting newsletter was founded in 1990 by Mary Beth Protomastro, a copyeditor working at McCall’s magazine. For over 20 years, Copyediting (formerly called Copy Editor) has provided an in-depth exploration of the usage and evolution of the English language -- from style guide updates to new terms -- and what they mean for the gatekeepers of the printed word. 

In addition to the newsletter, Copyediting offers monthly audio conferences led by expert editors on the tricks of the trade, the idiosyncracies of editorial niches, research tips, and much more. We’ve archived recordings of all these sessions, which are available for unlimited consumption in our On-Demand Training section to our Gold and Platinum subscribers.

To learn more about the history of Copyediting, and to see a sample of what we’re all about, take a look at our April-May 2011 issue here, which features a look back at our early years.  For information on subscribing, call us at 888-303-2373 or email us at info@copyediting.com

Erin Brenner
Contact Erin at editor@copyediting.com 

Dawn McIlvain Stahl
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Laura Poole
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Call 888-303-2373 or email us at info@copyediting.com

Call 888-303-2373 or email us at info@copyediting.com



Erin Brenner
Erin Brenner is the editor of Copyediting

Erin has been a publishing professional for two decades, working in a variety of media. In addition to working on the Copyediting newsletter and blog, Erin writes and edits for clients through Right Touch Editing and teaches in UCSD's Copyediting Certificate program. Follow her on Twitter: @copyediting and @ebrenner.

Mark Allen
Mark Allen is a lifelong journalist and freelance copyeditor in Columbus, Ohio. mark allen
He spent most of his career on newspaper copy desks, and he now enjoys a diverse and fun collection of copyediting clients. As @EditorMark on Twitter, he offers tips on grammar, usage, and style, and his website includes an archives of more than 600 tweeted tips. He was the first freelance copyeditor elected to the board of the American Copy Editors Society.

Jeanette de Beauvoir
Jeannette de Beauvoir has been a freelance editor and writer for 20 years, working for publishers, individual authors, and nonprofit organizations, as well as being a published novelist, playwright, and poet. She lives and works in an old ship-captain’s house on the tip of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, with a cat, a lovebird, and a few thousand books

Matthew Crowley
Matthew Crowley, Matthew Crowleya member of the American Copy Editors Society and Editorial Freelancers Association, has spent 25 years in journalism at newspapers in Syracuse, Cortland, and Glens Falls, NY, and in Las Vegas. He spent the past 17 years as a copyeditor for the Las Vegas Review-Journal and has served freelance clients for the last four years. He won the American Copy Editors Society (2007) and Society for Features Journalism (2013) national headline contests, along with several regional and state headline prizes. Crowley has worked to help fellow copyeditors improve. He led headline-writing sessions in 2014 for Intel Corp. in Portland, Oregon, and at the 2011, 2012, and 2014 American Copy Editors Society national conventions. He also helped judge the society’s headline contests for several years and contributes to the ACES website.

Mark Farrell
Mark Farrell is a columnist for Copyediting. Mark has written for and copyedited a wide variety of publications over the past 25 years. His first 10 years in the working world were spent primarily at newspapers, including dailies and weeklies in the Boston and Washington metropolitan areas. Mark grew up in Massachusetts, where he attended Stonehill College and Boston College. He received an MA in American studies from BC in 1989. 

Mark moved to the Washington, DC, area in 1992. He is a teacher for a youth foundation and tutors several students while continuing his freelance editing and writing career. He enjoys basketball, golf, music, and reading.

Sue Hatfield-Green
Sue Hatfield-Green edits the Tip of the Week for Copyediting. She is a seasoned copyeditor with more than 25 years’ experience in proofreading and copyediting roles in the marketing, publishing, commercial real estate, medical, legal, and financial arenas. Two years ago, Sue established her own copyediting/proofreading business, Take My Word, LLC, and has enjoyed the newfound freedom of working with a diverse clientele.

At Sue’s previous full-time senior copyeditor position at an Atlanta-based commercial real estate investment company, she developed and wrote the weekly Grammar Tips and Quips for distribution throughout the company.

Andy Hollandbeck
Andy Hollandbeck is a writer and copyeditor living and working in Indianapolis, Indiana. He waxes loquacious about all things wordy at Logophilius, shares small editorial quirks on Tumblr at AmEditing, and saves his shortest quips for Twitter at @4ndyman.


Andrew Johnson

Andrew is a copyeditor and columnist for Copyediting. He finagled an internship with the newsletter in 2002 (when it was still called Copy Editor) and refuses to relinquish it. He has worked as an expert on marine mammal care for over 28 years; since 1998, he has managed the Sea Otter Research and Conservation program at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Andrew earned a Specialized Certificate in Copyediting from UC San Diego Extension in 2005 and serves on the editorial advisory board of Soundings, the magazine of the International Marine Animal Trainers Association. He lives in Pacific Grove, CA, with his wife, Elin, and his kids, Kip and Esmé.

Adrienne Montgomerie

White water scares Adrienne more than electron orbits, and blood doesn’t scare her at all. Educational materials and knowledge transfer have been her editing specialty since 1997, working for Canada’s largest educational publishers and with her colleagues at dameditors.ca. She is certified as a copyeditor through the Editors’ Association of Canada (EAC) but does mostly developmental and substantive edits. Her title credits range from aircraft build specs to sea-kayaking guides, and from geophysics to Aboriginal knowledge. Next, she’s developing a phonics app.

Outside of work, Adrienne has fought fires professionally and climbed frozen water falls just for fun. Her time is spent adventuring on water—frozen or liquid, level or inclined.

Katharine O’Moore-Klopf, ELS

katharineKatharine O’Moore-Klopf, ELS, has been in publishing since 1984, the first 11 years as a production editor for various publishers, and since then as a full-time freelance copyeditor. She is a medical editor with a specialty in editing manuscripts written by non-native speakers of English. Her editing has helped researchers in more than 20 nations get published in more than 30 different medical journals. She is also creator and curator of the Copyeditors’ Knowledge Base, which is housed within her business web site. On Twitter, she is @KOKEdit.

Jonathon Owen

Jonathon Owen

Jonathon Owen is a columnist for Copyediting and has worked as a copyeditor, production artist, and book designer for over 10 years. He is finishing a master’s degree in linguistics at Brigham Young University, and his thesis explores the role of copyediting in the standardization of the English language. He holds the 
paradoxical view that it’s possible to be a prescriptivist and descriptivist simultaneously. He writes about usage, editing, and linguistics at Arrant Pedantry. When he’s not writing or editing, he likes to play Scrabble and design word-nerdy t-shirts. You can also follow him on Twitter @ArrantPedantry.

Christine Parizo

Christine Parizo, a copyeditor for Copyediting, is a freelance copywriter and copyeditor. A former technology journalist and paralegal, Christine now spends her days crafting snappy yet grammatically correct white papers and case studies, searching for misplaced punctuation, and staunchly defending the Oxford comma. She’s written bylined articles for various TechTarget properties, Internet Evolution, and National Paralegal Reporter, among other publications, and was named Western Mass Women Magazine’s 2013–2014 Professional Writer Woman to Watch.

Christine holds a bachelor of science in journalism and public information, with a minor in advertising, from Emerson College in Boston. She lives in West Springfield, Massachusetts, with her husband, two small children, and two mismatched cats. Follow her on Twitter @cparizo.

Nancy Paschke
Nancy Paschke is a copyeditor for Copyediting. She is the associate director of publications for Buffalo State College, part of the State University of New York system, where she has worked for 15 years. She is currently the managing editor of 1300 Elmwood, the college’s alumni magazine, and chief of copy for print. She earned a master’s degree from Buffalo State with a concentration in English and journalism that included internships on the copy desk of the Buffalo News and as a reporter for WBFO-FM 88.7, one of Buffalo’s two NPR affiliates.

Mark Peters

Mark Peters is a language columnist and humorist from Chicago who has written for Esquire, The Funny Times, GOOD, New Scientist, and Psychology Today. He writes regularly for Visual Thesaurus and the Oxford University Press blog while maintaining The Pancake Proverbs and The Rosa Parks of Blogs, a collection of absurd comparisons along the lines of “The Tom Petty of Christmas tree ornaments” and “The Jennifer Lopez of plants.” As wordlust on Twitter, he provides valuable advice, such as “Never micromanage your nanobots.”

Laura Poole

Laura Poole founded Archer Editorial Services in 1997. She provides scholarly copyediting for books and journals to a variety of publishers, including Oxford University Press, Duke University Press, and Apress. In 2009, she teamed up with Carolyn Hassett to create the Editorial Bootcamp, which offers intensive editorial training for freelancers and publishers. Laura lives in Durham, North Carolina, with her family. 

Mary Ellen Schutz
A perpetual student at heart, Mary Ellen found that writing and editing provided the opportunity to indulge her love of learning and collect a paycheck. With more than 25 years of experience working in the computer, scientific instrument, and publishing industries, ME provides writing and editing services through Gentle Editing® LLC. She lends us her critical eye as a freelance copyeditor. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Daniel Sosnoski

danielsDaniel Sosnoski is the author of Introduction to Japanese Culture and editor-in-chief of Chiropractic Economics magazine. He has been the staff editor for numerous medical associations and is the founding editor of the PubMed-indexed Journal of Clinical Lipidology. He currently belongs to the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors, and the Society for Professional Journalists.

Dawn McIlvain Stahl

dawnDawn McIlvain Stahl is the online editor for the Copyediting website. She began her career in the publishing industry nearly 15 years ago, developing and publishing standardized tests (for which she is duly penitent, kids). Since then, she has been a production editor of college texts, a scholarly copyeditor and associate editor at the University of Illinois Press, and a full-time freelancer editing and proofreading a variety of formats, genres, and topics. She claims a number of interests but seems most enthused about words, pie, and Muppets. You can follow Dawn on Twitter @PurplePenning or find her on Google+.

Karen Yin
Karen Yin has been burnishing the English language since 1992 as a writer, copyeditor, and proofreader, largely in advertising. Karen created a niche for herself by proofreading design in addition to editing copy, juggling multiple styles to provide flawlessness and peace of mind to major studios such as Disney, Warner Bros., Universal, DreamWorks, and Fox. As a freelancer, she makes materials cohesive, clear, and captivating for her website and publishing clients.

Karen blogs about style on AP vs. Chicago, a guide for anyone who “gives a dollar sign, ampersand, exclamation point, and pound sign about style.” Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.



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