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April-May 2015

It’s spring at last, and after the winter some of us have had, we’re in the mood to rejoice. Here at Copyediting, we think we’ve got a pretty good reason to frolic.

With this issue, Copyediting turns 25 years old, and we’re celebrating with an issue devoted to where we’ve been as a publication and an industry. We’re stopping to smell the flowers, and we think they smell pretty good.

Our celebration won’t end with this issue. Join us on our website for games and prizes. Check out the swag store for new goodies. Say hello to us at the many editor conferences we’ll be attending.

Copyediting wouldn’t have survived 25 minutes, let alone 25 years, without loyal readers like you who read, share, comment, and question—issue after issue. If we are a success (and I think we are), then it is because you make us one. So thank you, copyeditors, and enjoy this issue!

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February/March 2015

I love to geek out over reference works. I can’t seem to pass up the opportunity to buy one, new or old. If you’re like me, you’re going to love our February−March issue. We’ve got reviews of a couple of dictionaries and a usage manual that you don’t want to miss.

Also in this issue, you’ll learn why guys has come into vogue (and who the term offends), how to count none, and when to use flexibility in applying your house style. Plus, we have a new Wordoku game to tease your brain.

With our next issue, Copyediting hits the quarter-century mark. We’ll celebrate in the April−May issue with lots of special content. So be sure your subscription is current!


December 2014/January 2015

Has the snow started to fly where you are yet? Or hash the summer weather begun for you? Whichever season you’re gearing up for, a new calendar year will soon be upon us, and we at Copyediting hope it means fun new projects and useful new skills for you.

To that end, we’ve stuffed the December–January newsletter with lots of lessons for you, including how to deal with project problems, how to expand your freelance business, and what to do about a crisis of conscience.

We also have a new word game in this issue. Our resident game creator, Dawn McIlvain Stahl, has created a Wordoku for us. Give it a try and then check your answers on the website.


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