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Navigating the Wild West of Language Advice
Tuesday, April 15, 2014, by Erin Brenner

It’s wonderful to see so many articles about words and language being published. What language lover doesn’t thrill to discover something new about a word or usage? Spitting image should be spit and image? Got it. Not that can be used in formal texts, too? Great. But as with every other topic on the Internet, you can find a lot of misinformation out there, too. Decimate doesn’t just mean “to kill every 10th person” and hopefully means more than “it is to be hoped.” And these other meanings are not new. Some of the misinformation is well intentioned, some self-serving. We all have our pet peeves. But when we insist everyone else adopt our peeves, we’re crossing a line. And these days, we can cross that line in...


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April/May 2014

With the arrival of this issue, I hope you are experiencing the first glories of spring and can shout, “We made it through the winter!”

Our April–May issue offers you lots of opportunity for new growth, as well. I tackle the thorny subject of fine-tuning an author’s writing style in the In Depth feature, and you can cross-pollinate with our Currents, In Style, and Word Resource Roundup columns.

Our Technically Speaking feature offers you another way to grow: by learning HTML. It’s a great skill to add to your resumé—as is membership in a professional group. Katherine O’Moore-Klopf gives you several reasons to join at least one professional group this season.

The release of this newsletter coincides with this year’s national ACES conference, a great opportunity for copyeditors to blossom. Several of your favorite Copyediting writers will be in attendance, including yours truly. If you’ll be in Las Vegas, please introduce yourself. We love to meet our readers!

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February/March 2014

By now, many of our well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions have fallen away. But if one of yours was to learn more about copyediting, we’re here to save your resolution!

In the February–March issue I look at zombie rules, those usage rules that have no foundation in reality but we seem to follow them anyway. My article talks about ways to identify zombie rules and how to combat them.

Also in this issue, Jonathon Owen redefines grammar and usage, Mark Farrell identifies Random Capitalization Syndrome, and Dawn McIlvain Stahl reviews the best word-processing software for tablet computers.

As always, Copyediting is packed with news and information just for copyeditors. If learning more about our craft wasn’t one of your resolutions, there’s still time to make it one!


December 2013

As we approach the end of one year and the beginning of another, Copyediting is focused on the details, like:

  • How do you decide where syllable breaks should be in a word?
  • Should you use BC or BCE in copy?
  • How can you make better use of Word’s Comment feature?
  • What’s the difference between breaches and breeches?

This issue, you’ll also learn about structuring your editorial business to match your business style and making the most of professional email lists.

As we approach the New Year, take time to reflect on the details of what we do and plan for a successful 2014.


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