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Capital Style in Canada
Wednesday, September 17, 2014, by Adrienne Montgomerie

“Capitalization is probably second only to spelling as a source of confusion and ambivalence for Canadian editors,” says Editing Canadian English. How they could have ignored hyphenation floors me. But let’s stick with the caps for now. Chapter 3 is devoted to capitalization in Editing Canadian English (ECE). Yes, a whole chapter. I looked it up because a reader wrote to ask which capitalization rule was right. Me? I have learned that there are simply styles, not right or wrong, for just about everything. Follow the preferred style guide (I think many are more simply elegant than Chicago). And when that guide doesn't answer or doesn't suit, follow something else. That's what Chicago says themselves. “This...


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Wednesday, September 17, 2014, by Mark Allen
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014, by Erin Brenner
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014, by Erin Brenner
Tech Tip: Use an Image as a Social Media Headline
Tuesday, September 16, 2014, by Dawn McIlvain Stahl

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August-September 2014

This issue may be in the middle of summer, but this issue of Copyediting is more autumn-like—it deals with a lot of change.

Our big change is with our In Style writers. We bid good-bye to our long-serving columnists Norm Goldstein and Paul R. Martin. They’ve given us decades of generous advice, and we’ll miss them. Stepping into their very big shoes is freelance writer and copyeditor Karen Yin, whose first column promises great things ahead for readers.

The rest of the issue tackles changes in language (what’s the deal with possessives and gerunds?), changes in processes (hint: document everything!), changes in how we do our jobs (research journal articles online), and even what our jobs entail (OCR and EPUB files, anyone?).

Download your issue now, and stay on top of the changes that affect your career. 

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June/July 2014

Our June–July issue is packed full of lessons from this year’s ACES event. The conference theme this year was Digital in the Desert, and our issue reflects that. Although digital publishing has disrupted publishing in general, it also offers copyeditors opportunities to make themselves more valuable to their employers by improving the quality of the content they work on.

Download the newsletter, and you’ll find practical advice on:

  • Headline writing
  • Linking
  • Search engine optimization
  • Promoting via social media
  • Getting people over the paywall 

We have all our regular departments as well, so even if you’re old school, there’s a lot for you here. You won’t want to miss our articles on he versus him, eggcorns, and Britishisms.


April/May 2014

With the arrival of this issue, I hope you are experiencing the first glories of spring and can shout, “We made it through the winter!”

Our April–May issue offers you lots of opportunity for new growth, as well. I tackle the thorny subject of fine-tuning an author’s writing style in the In Depth feature, and you can cross-pollinate with our Currents, In Style, and Word Resource Roundup columns.

Our Technically Speaking feature offers you another way to grow: by learning HTML. It’s a great skill to add to your resumé—as is membership in a professional group. Katherine O’Moore-Klopf gives you several reasons to join at least one professional group this season.

The release of this newsletter coincides with this year’s national ACES conference, a great opportunity for copyeditors to blossom. Several of your favorite Copyediting writers will be in attendance, including yours truly. If you’ll be in Las Vegas, please introduce yourself. We love to meet our readers!


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