Can't We Say Good-Bye to that Hyphen?


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"God" wasn't really taken out


According to the OED, "God" wasn't really taken out—it was just corrupted and become "good," probably in part because of the analogy with expressions like "good day" and "good night."

But I agree that it's past time to ditch the hyphen. I don't know why American dictionaries still include it, and I think it's only hanging on because, as you said, editors are editing according to the dictionary.

Posted on Thu, 08/14/2014 - 11:56am

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More goodbyes

Mark Allen

I failed to mention the American Heritage Dictionary, which favors "goodbye" while giving the "good-bye" and "good-by" spellings. Macmillian dictionaries and Cambridge dictionaries online don't recognize the hyphenated form in either their British or American versions. Same for Longman. Collins English Dictionary recognizes "good-bye" only in its American version, but lists "goodbye" first.

Have I forgotten any dictionaries?

Posted on Thu, 08/14/2014 - 12:13pm

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Posted on Fri, 08/15/2014 - 4:22am

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