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What usage guidelines would

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What usage guidelines would you create for these loaded words? Share your ideas in the comments section below, and I’ll collect them for a future post.
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The associate editor will manage the development of new and revised textbooks. Tasks will include managing schedules and budgets, communicating with the author and peer reviewers, ensuring that permissions and art are complete, assisting in manuscript transmittal to production, developing ancillary materials, and representing SAGE on campus and at conferences,
This full-time position requires a bachelor’s degree and two years of book publishing experience. Preferred candidates will have college textbook experience

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The College Board is seeking


The College Board is seeking a test editor to join its assessment design and development team in Iowa City. The College Board was created by 12 participating schools in 1900 to simplify the application process and expand access to higher education. A nonprofit membership organization that prepares students and connects them with colleges and universities, the College Board is best known for the development of a common entrance exam — the SAT. Today the association represents more than 6000 schools and includes programs that cover college preparation, connection, and advocacy.

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