John McIntyre

John McIntyre

John McIntyre, whom James Wolcott of Vanity Fair calls “the Dave Brubeck of the art and craft of copyediting,” is the night content production manager (read: night news editor) at The Baltimore Sun and the author of the blog “You Don’t Say.” His book of maxims on editing, The Old Editor Says, was published by Apprentice House in spring 2013. An editor for three decades, he holds degrees from Michigan State and Syracuse; he teaches editing at Loyola University Maryland; and he is a former president of the American Copy Editor Society. Besides providing sound advice on usage, he can show you how to tie a bow tie and tell you how to mix a proper martini.


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Wise words, Jeannette. Thank you so much for the link to the Internet Writing Workshop!
No, Actually, I *Don't* Want
Garner advises keeping "that" in cases like those you mention. In other words, when it's used as a conjunction that introduces clauses, especially
Erin Brenner
It's a Small Job That '

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