Questions for a Cookbook Copyeditor


Interview with Karen Wise


What a fun interview -- thanks so much!

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and for science editors, too


I do solemnly swear that I shall never edit a cookbook. I am a storied burner of all things (once) edible. It's really best for all concerned.

However. Procedures and materials lists for science textbooks a "bit" like recipes. And I, too, go to friends and Twitter to verify common container sizes and such. I've even exchanged photo proof with authors as we vet the manuscript.

The most confusing query I ever sent was "What size is a 2 L pop bottle in the US?" You might imagine why I got a lot of "whatever are you talking about" replies.

But, you know: usually standard sizes are rounded to the nearest full unit, and metric and imperial measures are rarely tidy equivalents of one another. I at least expected a large pop bottle to be labelled "64 oz" or something.

In France, wine is sold in 75 cL bottles. (75 centilitres = 750 mL). The French use dL (decilitre) as well, but in Canada we stick to mL or L only.

Excellent suggestion to search for pictures of products online. Grocery was a great source of current product images last time I needed one.

Fun to get to know more about you, Karen. See you around the interwebs!

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