On-Site Training

Copyediting is proud to present an assortment of one-day workshops designed specifically for you brought directly to your workplace.

Mark My Words: How Editors Can Coach Clarity

In this practical seminar, you’ll learn to shape a writer’s copy to remove biased or loaded language, clichés, jargon, and bureaucratese without taking the life out of it or making people sound as if they aren’t knowledgeable members of their own profession.
In the workshop, you will learn principles to follow from plenty of before-and-after examples. At the end we will address the question of how to edit tactfully, and offer strategies for coaching writers and establishing protocols where you work so that the copy you edit will (one hopes!) need less work in these areas.

Your Role in the Editorial Process Strategies for Implementing Best Practices

Whether you’re producing books, magazines, journals, newsletters, Web sites, or corporate communications, the goal is to provide high-quality content. Yet common to every kind of publishing effort are the often self-created obstacles in the path of that goal.

Spend a day devoted to eliminating the obstacles: fuzzy roles, inadequate or absent guidelines, less than ideal communication patterns. We’ll look at the differing yet often overlapping roles among editors, writers, and production staff, and at how to manage the editorial process—from providing briefs to developing and maintaining a house style to “playing well with others.”

We’ll start the day with guided breakout sessions designed to get you thinking about the challenges we face in implementing a well-run editorial process, whether you’re part of a large team or an editorial force of one. Then we’ll tackle the key issues in turn, from the beginning to the end of the process. You’ll come away from this Copyediting workshop with renewed awareness of how you fit into the big picture and with practical strategies for turning good intentions into real solutions.

Open or Strict Editorial Style? Striking the Right Balance

Sooner or later, we all face dealing with one extreme or the other: an assigning editor who excises nearly every occurrence of the word that, or a house style on commas that seems to be “when in doubt, put one in.” One style allows us to let grammatical violations slide; another style is almost guaranteed to leave writers seething in protest at our meddling. And whichever style we follow, we find ourselves in situations in which strictly following the style doesn’t do the best service to the text or the reader.

How do you edit for brevity and punch without causing unintentional ambiguities or miscues? How do you edit for consistency and clarity, yet preserve the writer’s voice and intent? Is it even possible to please both the assigning editor and the writer with the final result? This workshop offers practical advice to help you succeed no matter which style you must follow.

100 Things Every Copy Editor Should Know
Let this Copyediting workshop help you work more efficiently, accurately, and confidently!

• Do you know when to give up on a “rule” because it’s outmoded, and when to stick to your guns? Find out about the biggest bugbears of grammar, usage, and style, and how to use resources strategically to make judgment calls with confidence.

• Are you comfortable with all the technology you’re expected to be on top of? Learn which computer skills you need to stay competitive, and ways to make your electronic editing and Internet searching more efficient.

• Are you confident in how you communicate with editors and authors? Get practical tips on how to make sure you’re helping them achieve their goals, while still serving the reader.

Solving your copy-editing problems
• Learn in depth about the reference sources that are essential, up-to-date copy-editing tools.
• Gain an insider’s firsthand perspective on the strengths, weaknesses, uses, and abuses of current dictionaries, stylebooks, usage manuals, thesauri, language Web sites, and other resources.
• Talk over the language, workflow, and interpersonal problems that have been frustrating you and holding you back, and let the speaker and your fellow professionals help you solve them.


To inquire about pricing and availability for an on-site workshop at your place of business, please email sales@copyediting.com or call 888-303-2373 and ask to speak to Kyle Crafton (VP/Publisher).